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Eco-blog about travelling and exploring how to live without plastic while leaving a small footprint.
small gestures to make the world a better place
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Discover small changes that can make a big difference

Green Gestures

Making small gestures in life can mean a lot to people. Whether they are your family, friends or a loved one. Green Gestures are meant to be small things that you can change in your everyday life to help the planet and therefore will mean a lot to everyone. Explore the tabs below to find out some small changes that you can make to reduce the amount of short life plastic products that you use, and who knows, if enough people make a small change companies may start to take notice. Don’t forget to share what you do by taking pictures and tagging #GreenGestures

Drinks on the go

Reusable bottles and cups. Say ``no straw please`` or find alteranative reusable straws; bamboo, steel, silicon.

Food on the go

Make you own food in reusable containers or support responsible restaurant and takeaways.


Use bins or take litter home to be disposed. Pick up litter drifting by even if it isn't yours.


Remember to take reusable bags with you for packing at the till and reusable containers for loose fruit and veg.


Reduce Reuse Recycle - but make sure you do it right.

Personal Hygiene

Get a bamboo toothbrush and look into bars of soap; you could even make your own.


Something broken? Look into getting it fixed locally by qualified repair people before trashing or replacing it.


Post pictures of your green experiments and tag your pictures to @breathethinkexplore #greengestures


Use econuts or boxes of powder that can be recycled. Low temperature. Don't Tumbledry.